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Latest News > New Year update

Blog » Latest News » New Year update
21st Jan 2015

Well it has been a very busy time at Micary Embroidery Services this year so far. Despite the poor weather we have been working full out with some major orders, as well as supplying our regular customers. This is certainly one of the many advantages of having Amaya module machines, that we can deal with a variety of orders at the same time. Today has been typical, as we prepare all the merchandising clothing and head wear for the forth coming motor bike rally in Conwy. At the same time preparing caps for Ysgol Llywelyn's impending trip to London, and finally embroidering a suit for Buckley Jui Jitsu club. Tomorrow it will be more bike merchandising and also saddle cloths for clients. We will happy help any organisation or school raise funds through merchandising or school uniforms, please contact us for further information about how we can help you raise funds.

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